May 23, 2013

The Zawinul Foundation for Achievement is pleased to announce the Zawinul Musikschule ( in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, will host the first display of Joe Zawinul’s personal belongings, marking the beginning of the ZAWINUL MUSEUM AND CAFÉ.

The Zawinul Museum and Café aims to be an experience-driven, interactive, inspiring museum dedicated to the music, life, passions and interests of Joe Zawinul. It will host an array of items and exhibits demonstrating the motivations and inspirations behind the music of the legendary composer and keyboard player.

Visitors to the Zawinul Museum will not only be able to follow Joe’s journey through various musical periods, but also compare those experiences against a backdrop of the cultural and political happenings of the times. Joe’s personal anecdotes will highlight his life situations within these historical events.

The first glimpse of this venture will be exhibited in the entrance hall of the Zawinul Musikschule where iconographic materials associated with Joe Zawinul will sit side-by-side with some of the key objects that defined his extraordinary life as an international musician: From his reading glasses to original sheet music; from his ever-present skull cap to a few of his keyboards; from Weather Report tour memorabilia to various awards.