About the Program

The Joe Zawinul Music Exchange Program extols Joe Zawinul’s personal music journey between Austria and the United States.  The program is designed to champion the creative and cultural development of music students from Los Angeles and the students from Lower Austria through their shared exploration of artistic practice and exposure to a new cultural environment and educational relationships; the program fosters intercultural dialogue and perpetuates Joe Zawinul’s music legacy.

Grants are awarded through an open and competitive application process adjudicated by the Zawinul Foundation Board of Directors in Los Angeles and the Austrian Jury Committee  who select and support aspiring students and provide the educational opportunities in Austria or the United States respectively for a 3-week period.  Each year, the Zawinul Foundation for Achievement strives to help young music students grow both as musicians and as people.  Through the Zawinul Exchange Program, students get a chance to learn from experts in composition, performance, recording etc. in a new, exciting environment.  Students are also able to explore their host city’s sights, both historical and cultural, expanding their knowledge of the world and the many wonders it has to offer. 

Our Exchange Program alumni share their experiences in LA & Vienna

Photos from our exchange students’ trips

How do I apply?

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