LH Johanna Mikl-Leitner awarded Gumpoldskirchens music school director Andreas Tieber the Silver Medal of Honor of the State of Lower Austria for his special services to the state of Lower Austria. There were also congratulations from GGR Dagmar Händler, who, as the cultural manager of the market town of Gumpoldskirchen, is proud to have such a competent and empathetic director at the head of the Joe Zawinul Music School, and has been doing so since 1990. Rightly, because the studied bass player, live – and the studio musician was not only on stage with numerous top-class musicians, from Karl Ratzer to members of the Vienna Philharmonic, he also did a lot for the expansion and development of the Gumpoldskirchen music school. It is not only a training center for hundreds of students, Also the change of name to Joe Zawinul Music School, which took place in 2003 with the consent of Joe Zawinul, was due to his personal contacts and at his instigation. As if that weren’t enough, Andreas Tieber is also responsible for the Zawinul Award, including the Joe Zawinul Students’ Exchange Program, established in collaboration with the Zawinul Foundation For Achievement and Anthony Zawinul, which brings young musicians from Los Angeles and Austria to the world of each other award winner opened.

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Silver medal of honor from the state of Lower Austria for Gumpold Church’s music school director Andres Tieber