The Joe Zawinul International Music Program was established by the Zawinul Foundation for Achievement in collaboration with the Zawinul Musikschule in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, to encourage music students to broaden their studies, acquire new skills and familiarize them with international music schools. The Program intends to draw from Joe Zawinul’s personal experiences as an international musician whose classical music roots are based in his early days of music studies in Vienna. The Program allows students to benefit from this precious connection.

Scholarships will be awarded based on a variety of criteria, including:
• Applicants must be a high school student for the upcoming academic session
• Applicants must have a valid passport
• Applicants must be able to proficiently read music, chords and lead sheets
•Applicant  must  submit  the  Student  Application  and  a  Video  Audition  by  the  deadline  date  of APRIL  25, 2016

Scholarships are awarded provided the applicant complies with all requirements and are at the discretion of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board.
A portion of the Scholarship funds are sent directly to the Zawinul Musikschule and another portion covers the travel and host family expenses. Transportation fees and miscellaneous expenses incurred by the applicant during his/her stay in Vienna, will be included.  All instruments will be provided unless the applicant wishes to bring his/her own instrument. Upon completion, Joe Zawinul International Music Program graduates will receive a Certificate of Attendance by the Zawinul Musikschule.

The Program will be held at the Zawinul Musikschule and will include the following:
• 2-3 hours of private lessons every morning
• Ensemble performances twice a week

Moreover, participants will enjoy a medley of musical and cultural education combined with entertaining experiences: A tour of the city of Vienna; a visit to the Vienna State Opera house; the Viennese Organs; a jazz club evening; the famous Musikverein, and finally, a trip to Prater, the city’s renowned amusement park.

2017 application coming soon.

The Joe Zawinul International Music Program is a “once in a lifetime” experience.