The 2013 Zawinul “Z” Award

On May 26, 2013, the Zawinul “Z” Award ceremony will take place at the Zawinul Musikschule in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria.

This event has been made possible by the partnership between the Zawinul Foundation for Achievement and the Joe Zawinul Musikschule, in Gumpoldskirchen, 20 minutes outside Vienna, Austria.

Meet the “Z” Award finalists, all students of the Joe Zawinul Musikschule, who were chosen for their talent, ambition, focus and approach to music: Katharina Wollmann, vocals, has been studying since 2008; Lena Watzek, vocals, has only been studying since 2011; Ignaz Gaiswinkler, trumpet, also began his studies in 2008; and Renan Spoerk, guitar, started studying in 2006.

Additionally, a special Certificate of Recognition will be offered to the very talented 8-year-old flutist Vivian Zemanek.

Some of the “Z” Award finalists come from musical families—Ignaz’s parents play in one of Austria’s most prestigious orchestras, the Radiosymphonieorchester Vienna—and although others’ interest are not rooted in family traditions, they all possess a strong passion for music. Some finalists want to develop their experiences into a musical career—Katharina wishes to become a Musical’s star—while some are just too young to have a clear vision yet. All of them, however, enjoy and benefit from the highly qualified environment of the Joe Zawinul Musikschule and the variety of activities offered, many of which are quite unique within the Austrian music school context.

Be sure to check back on May 27, 2013, for the announcement of the first-ever Zawinul “Z” Award winner and video of the ceremony!