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One of the Zawinul Foundation for Achievement’s objectives is to keep its vision consistent with the goals Joe and Maxine Zawinul pursued during their lifetimes.

Joe and Maxine’s life experiences exemplified their vision of how things should be. A lumberjack white jazz pianist from Vienna and an African-American Playboy Bunny from Chicago came together in the late 1950s to propel a lifestyle in which music was at the center, thus illustrating the phrase “never-before heard.”

At a time when conventional rule said one thing, Joe and Maxine were willing to challenge that convention: From learning the rules to breaking the rules to changing the rules to honoring their rules, all the while trusting that music ultimately rules by reaching people around the world regardless of language and culture.

As Joe put it: “Music may not change the world, but may inspire people to change the world.”

The Zawinul Foundation aims to further pursue the interests and life passions of Joe and Maxine Zawinul, and intends to create programs, events and partnerships that reflect their goals.

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