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Mission Statement

The Zawinul Foundation aims to further the interests and life passions of Joe and Maxine Zawinul, by creating programs, events and partnerships that reflect their commitment to music education as a life transforming experience. The Joe Zawinul International Music Program was established by the Zawinul Foundation for Achievement in collaboration with the Zawinul Musikschule in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, to encourage music students to broaden their studies, acquire new skills and familiarize them with international music schools. The Program will draw from Joe Zawinul’s personal experiences as a globe-trotting musician whose classical music roots were established in his conservatory studies in Vienna.

Recent Events

The Zawinul Foundation For Achievement's goal is to help accelerate the talents and skills of each student that participates within the Foundation's numerous programs. Here are just some of the programs that the Foundation has held recently.

Jamael Dean In Austria